Tailored SAFARIS

Our Approach

We use our expert knowledge to get you to the best lodges and wildlife experiences in Africa.

We help you to disconnect so you can reconnect. Our guests appreciate Wild Again’s highly personalised input, seamless services, extensive local knowledge and on-the-ground support.


Private Guides

Get the most out of your safari and tap into years of hands-on experience with our private guides.

Amy Attenborough

Roan Du Plessis

Andrea Fitzpatrick

“Not only does she have an extensive knowledge of wildlife but also a deep understanding of love, happiness and humanity. My trip with Amy will never be forgotten.”
"Amy’s whole approach to wildlife and guiding is like nothing I have EVER experienced before but realize I have always had a longing for.”
- Karin Augustin, Germany
"Their knowledge was unparalleled! This trip surpassed all of our expectations and left us with arenewed energy for life. Amy, we can't wait for the next trip!"
- Michelle Voerman, RSA
"I am so excited to follow Amy’s adventures, because between gleaning wisdom from trees, pointing out the path of a rhino or dancing around the evening fire, this woman is switched ON."
- Eve Eaton, USA

How it works

01 | Step one

Get in touch and tell us in detail what you’re after. You can expect to hear back from us within 24-48 hours.

02 | Step two

We’ll create suggested itineraries for you to choose from and lay out what each option looks like.

03 | Step three

We’ll guide you through every step of the booking, planning and travel part of your safari.


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